Loyal to the end: Chinese dog refuses to budge from late master’s graveside… even after a week without food


Faithful friend: The little yellow dog refuses to leave the graveside of his late master

In a tear-jerking display of loyalty, this faithful Chinese dog refuses to leave his late master's graveside even after going seven days without food.
Just like Edinburgh's legendary Greyfriars Bobby, the little Scottish terrier who visited his master's grave every day for 14 years, the faithful yellow dog simply cannot bear to be parted from his friend.
His owner Lao Pan, who died aged 68 earlier this month, lived alone in a little house in the village of Panjiatun with just the dog for company.

Caring: After noticing the dog had not eaten for a week, locals in the village of Panjiatun have started bringing it food and water and now plan to build it a kennel

After seven days without a meal, concerned villagers begun bringing food and water to the graveside and even plan to build a little kennel for the dog to curl up in at night.
One villager told how he decided to adopt the dog and brought him back home but he immediately escaped and rushed back to be close to his late master.

Touching: One villager adopted the dog and brought him back to his house, but he immediately escaped and rushed back to his late master's grave

source: dailymail