'The look on her face was priceless': Schoolgirl reunited with dog her parents paid £1,300 to bring back from Dubai


Home at last: Alyssa Smith was reunited with her dog, Holly, having thought she would never see him again

A young girl’s tears of joy were captured on camera by her parents as they surprised her with the family’s pet dog she thought she’d never see again.
Alyssa Smith’s parents, from Hampshire, paid £1,300 to be reunited with their dog Holly, who they had to leave behind when they moved back to the UK from Dubai.
Darren Smith and his family adopted former street dog Holly two years ago while living in the United Arab Emirates.

Alyssa couldn't quite believe that her dog had been flown back to the UK and asked her parents 'is this actually happening?'

Tears of joy: Alyssa Smith was overjoyed and brought to tears when she was reunited with her dog Holly

But when the father lost his job, the Smith family were forced to move back to Andover and although they had applied for Holly’s pet passport, she was not able to travel for six months due to quarantine regulations.

The pair have been inseparable since Mr Smith forked out £1,300 to have Holly flown from Dubai to Andover, Hampshire

Two months after relocating to Hampshire, Mr Smith, who thought Holly had been re-homed with another family, saw their dog on a Dubai website next to an appeal for her to be homed after being found on the street again in bad health.
After assuring authorities in Dubai that they had not been responsible for Holly returning to a life on the street, Mr Smith began the motions to transport their pet to England.
Mr Smith told the BBC of his child's devastating farewell to Holly, saying: ‘My daughter Alyssa was heartbroken. But when there was a chance to bring her home we had to.
‘I grumbled about the money but the look on my daughter’s face was a priceless family moment.’

Reunited: Holly couldn't keep her hands off her pet dog Holly when she was surprised by her father

Saved from the streets: Holly the dog was adopted by the family in Dubai after she was found on the streets and they transported her to Britain after relocating too

source: dailymail