Warning, may contain nuts! Great British Bake Off viewers shocked by 'explicit' image of male squirrel


Exposed: The squirrel has become a sensation on social networking sites. Journalist Caitlin Moran tweeted: 'How is it managing to drag them up tree?'

Millions tuned in to see young grandmother Jo Wheatley crowned winner of the Great British Bake Off.

But her glory could be overshadowed by a squirrel whose brief appearance on the TV show sparked a ding dong on social networking sites.

Viewers were stunned when an explicit clip of a squirrel with unusually large unmentionables popped up on screen during last night's broadcast of the cookery contest.

The taste of success: Great British Bake Off winner Jo Wheatley (far right) and hosts Mel Giedroyc (seated left) and Sue Perkins (seated right) with the other contestants

Now it would seem the squirrel is enjoying his own taste of success after unwittingly exposing its nether region - and gaining an army of fans in the process.

The clip from the show was uploaded to YouTube and jokes about the anatomically-blessed squirrel flooded Twitter within minutes of its appearance.

Viewers were initially alerted to the squirrel's shock appearance ahead of broadcast by journalist Caitlin Moran, who told her Twitter followers: 'I've just seen a preview tape of tomorrow's Great British Bake Off.'

When the show was aired, many recorded the clip - thanks in part to Moran's Twitter warning - and it was watched again via social networking sites.

Radio DJ Sara Cox replied to Moran's tweet with: 'Ha, my seven-year-old just said about your squirrel friend, 'I saw it's willy! Put some pants on squirrel!', while comic Josie Lawrence added: 'Sorry but I've got the squirrel on pause.'

TV investigative journalist Donal MacIntyre said: 'Did any one see the horny squirrel on the Great Bake Off - risqué.'

source: dailymail