Star Wars fanatic Photoshopped Ewoks into family photos to convince his five-year-old daughter they were real


It's behind you! Young Natalie poses on a family holiday in Sequoia National Park, California, before her father inserted an Ewok into the background shrubbery

These might look like typical family holiday snaps, but a closer look reveals the lengths one committed father went to in order to bring his young daughter's imagination to life.

Anthony Herrera, 30, added Ewoks into the background of his photos after telling his daughter that they were real.

The self-confessed Star Wars fanatic took his five-year-old daughter, Natalie, to Sequoia National Park in California, shortly after the family watched 'Return of the Jedi' together.

Anthony told his daughter that the bear-like creatures lived in the forest, which resembles their home planet of Endor

Anthony told his daughter that the bear-like creatures lived in the forest, which resembles their home planet of Endor.

It sent her imagination running wild, and she scoured every inch of the vast woodland for the elusive fictional characters.

The father-of-two also took photographs of his two-year-old son Tristan next to the Ewoks

The father, who also has a two-year-old son Tristan, said: "The rest of the trip, my daughter was set on finding an Ewok. We spent two days hiking through the park.

"Every shrub and bush that rustled convinced her that an Ewok must be near.

"I assured her that the Ewoks were very shy creatures and normally do not let anyone see them."

An Ewok from the 1983 Star Wars film Return Of The Jedi

At the end of the family's trip, the disappointed youngster was upset when the popular characters failed to materialise.

But determined graphic designer Anthony, from Atascadero, California, had the clever idea of inserting the Ewoks into some of the family's holiday photographs.

The family visited Sequoia National Park in California (pictured), shortly after they watched 'Return of the Jedi' together

Since the photos came to light, Anthony said that friends have suggested that he add other Star Wars creatures to photos.

He said: "I don't want to take it too far though. She's a smart little girl and will probably catch on.

"She did mention that if we were to go back to Sequoia National Park that she'd bring a treat to coax the Ewoks out."

Anthony hopes that the pictures will act as an inspiration to other parents who want to bring their children's fantasies to life.

He said: "A lot of people have said some very nice things about what I've done, and it is a good feeling to share something special with other parents.

"I guess my biggest hope is that George Lucas was able to see them and hopefully smiled."

source: dailymail