Squirrel Nutkin? No I'm Squirrel Pumpkin: The grey critter getting into the Halloween spirit


What's this? The squirrel admires the pumpkin hanging in mid-air from a string before sticking his head inside to see if it's a trick or treat

Meet the grey squirrel who’s going nuts about Halloween...
It is fascinated by Vicky Freeman’s hollowed-out pumpkin, trying to work out whether it’s a treat to get its teeth into or a mere trick suspended by a piece of string.
For minutes on end, it jumps inside the pumpkin, then out again.

Hanging on: The squirrel uses his paws to suspend himself from the inside of the cut out pumpkin

‘Since I put the pumpkin out, the squirrel’s been visiting my garden every day,’ said Mrs Freeman, 53, of Fareham, Hampshire.
'I always hang up a pumpkin in the garden for my grandchildren at Halloween but I didn't expect such an inquisitive squirrel to try it on.'
While this squirrel has developed a taste for pumpkin, previously two squirrels in Fareham took a shine to coconuts places in a resident's garden.
Jane Roberts put the coconuts out for the squirrels, who much like the creature above loved stick their heads into them to get at the tasty treat inside.

source: dailymail