Open wide! The incredible pictures of a mother feeding her baby swallows


A sting in the tail: One young swallow gets ready to take a bit of a wasp from its mother

These are the incredible pictures which show three baby birds filling up on some fast food as they grab tasty morsels from their parents' beaks as they swoop past.
The usually elusive swallows were spotted as they waited hungrily for their supper in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Wildlife photographer Roeselien Raimond had been hoping to take some pictures of birds in flight but was delighted when she stumbled across these birds' dinner time.
She said: 'There were three youngsters and both parents were feeding them.
'The little birds sat on the fence, patiently waiting for mum and dad to come back to them.

Its my turn! One swallow looks on as his sibling gets fed some fast food by its parent

'But when the parents did come back, they didn't hang about for long - they zipped past and the chicks whipped the food straight out of their mouths.
'Usually barn swallow are very elusive, unpredictable and fast which makes them a real challenge to capture.
'I was lucky, because the new born babies aren't very fast, and can't fly well, so it was easier for me to take some pictures.
'So they sit on the fence and if you approach them very calmly they will stay there.
'If you keep enough distance the parents won't be disturbed and will just go on feeding the youngsters.
'I was so pleased I managed to capture such a lovely family scene.'

source: dailymail