Life's a beach for Babe the pig who lives on his own private island in the Bahamas


Chilling out: Babe the pig is the ultimate beach bum, spending his days sunbathing and taking cooling dips in the Caribbean Sea

Not many people would be envious of a pig’s life.

Penned into a dirty pigsty, just waiting to be turned into bacon is no one’s idea of fun.

But Babe the pig has got it just right - for him it’s more of a charmed life.

A walk on the wild boar side: babe takes a stroll with his neighbours, Luke Abbott and Mona Wiethuchter - the only other inhabitants on the island

Babe lives on his own private island in the Bahamas and even the most dedicated beach bum would be envious of his hedonistic lifestyle.

The 12-year-old tamed boar spends his days strolling on the beach and taking a swim in the waves - although he has to be careful not to get in the way of predatory sharks which also cruise the island.

Pork scratchings: After a cooling swim, Babe enjoys being rubbed down with a special broom

Babe shares the island with just two other inhabitants, videographer Luke Abbott and his partner Mona Wiethuchter.

It is a remote island, measuring three and a half miles long and half a mile wide, 40 miles from the busier capital island of Nassau.

Babe came from a small group of wild boars which have inhabited the island since the 1930s when a breeding pair were brought to the island by travellers.

Thirsty work: As if he isn't pampered enough, Babe received a daily treat - one can of the local beer

Island paradise: Mona began taking Babe for regular strolls along the beach after the boar started piling on the pounds

When he was a day old, Mr Abbott, 27, started hand-feeding the piglet. Since then, Babe has been tame and although he lives in the island’s dense vegetation with a handful of other boar, each morning he leaves them and trots out of the bush alone ready for his daily ritual of laidback beach life.

Rash decision: Although he loves the water, Babe has to be careful to avoid predatory sharks that sometimes patrol the waters around his home

source: dailymail