How the Komodo Dragon can kill a buffalo... with a bite less powerful than a pussycat


The Komodo Dragon may have a weak bite but deploys poison, brute strength, razor-sharp teeth and a 'can-opener' bite technique when attacking prey

The Komodo Dragon has a fearsome reputation for being an adept killing machine, able to take down animals as large as buffalo with little trouble.
But, according to a new study, the world's largest lizard has a bite less powerful than an average house cat.
So how on earth does it manage it?

At more than nine feet long and weighing up to 100kg the Dragon relies on its hulk and brute strength when out hunting.
It also injects a dose of poison into its victims before ripping them to pieces with razor-sharp teeth and a 'can-opener' bite technique.

Researchers from Rutgers University in the U.S. and the University of New South Wales in Australia, attached cuts of meat for the Dragon to 'attack' for their study, published in PLoS ONE.
They found the beast relies on its hefty, muscular body to bear down on its prey while tearing away large pieces of the flesh with its serrated teeth.

source: dailymail