Hmm.. now what? Curious case of the confused grasshopper scratching its head


What's going on? This grasshopper adopts the look of a bemused human as it sits atop a Devil's-bit Scabious flower for Matt Cole's photo

Raising a foreleg to its head as it sits atop a flower, this grasshopper appears somewhat confused about what to do next.
Looking like a human scratching its head, the humorous pose was captured by amateur photographer Matt Cole, 40, in Lount Nature Reserve, Leicestershire.
Matt, from Ashby de la Zouch, said: 'It's always great to photograph an animal or insect doing something slightly unusual.

'I was very pleased to capture a sharp image of it in this pose.
'I was on the lookout for interesting insects when I spotted it and followed for a few minutes as it jumped from one perch to another.
'Eventually it settled on this Devil's-bit Scabious flower and allowed me to set up my tripod in front of it.
'As I was watching through my camera viewfinder it briefly lifted its front leg.
'It was starting to spit with rain so it could have been brushing a water drop off its head or eye.

'Either that or it is scratching its head in bemusement, wondering what on earth I'm doing there.'
He added: 'You can put a lot of effort into fieldcraft, technique and composition but sometimes you need a bit of luck to give an image that something extra.'

source: dailymail