From Lady Gaga to a hot dog: Never mind what you are wearing for Halloween, this is how you should dress your pooch


Fashionistas: Two of the dogs at New York's Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade came dressed as Lady Gaga and Karl Lagerfeld. These are common scenes in the U.S. around Halloween but it this the year the craze will hit the UK?

Halloween in the UK becomes more Americanised every year, so will 2011 be the year we finally start to dress up our dogs?
In the U.S. dressing up your pooch - often in a topical costume - is as much a part of the October 31 ritual as trick or treating. But the trend has yet to properly catch on over here.
However, with chihuahua costumes for sale online for as little as £3.88, perhaps this is the year that the tide will turn.

By royal appointment: Princess Beatrice's Royal Wedding hat makes a great Halloween costume for dogs and humans alike

At last weekend's Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade, more than 500 pooches were dressed up by their owners in New York.
They came dressed as everything from Lady Gaga and Karl Lagerfeld to Harrier Jets and Wizard of Oz characters.
If you are not up to making your pooch their own Princess Beatrice costume, though, here are some of our favourite ready-made outfits to make sure you get more treats than tricks this Halloween.

Oooh arghhh: Make your dogs the scariest in town with this bat dog costume, £8 on eBay, and Smiffy's pirate dog costume, a bargain at only £3.88

Hot dog: This costume costs £15 at, and it comes in two flavors (ketchup and mustard) so suits any dog's preferences

Predator: These shark and T-Rex costumes will immediately make your dog look more macho. They are available from many websites including where they cost £17.50

Stick 'em up: Some of the funniest costumes are the ones that a dog only wears on its front paw like these Cowdog (£18.50) and Yoda (£19.50) costumes

source: dailymail