Dog loses HALF her body weight in six months after ballooning to nine stone on diet of roast dinners and takeaways


Fat dog thin: Cassie was limited to two bowls of dry dog food per day and shrunk from nine stone and two pounds, left, to 4.5 stone, right. Now she is now much more agile and has a new lease of life

An obese border collie fed on a diet of takeaways, chocolate and roast dinners has lost half of her weight in just six months after being put on a strict diet.

Cassie, who was limited to just two bowls of dry dog food per day, shrunk from nine stone two pounds to just 4.5 stone.

The seven-year-old had been fed human food all her life when she was taken in by the Dogs Trust re-homing centre in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.

Portly pooch: Cassie ballooned after gorging on roast dinners, takeaways, and fish and chips instead of healthy dog food

She ended up weighing nine stone after being left to wolf down large dinners.

But despite shedding 4.5 stone, Cassie has to continue with her strict routine as she is still very overweight. Border collies should not weigh more than three stone.

Pot dog: Cassie weighed three times more than she should and had never eaten normal dog food before she was taken into care. Now she has lost half her weight

When the chubby canine was first taken in by the trust two weeks after her elderly owner fell ill, it took three people to lift her.

She was only able to walk for three minutes at a time when staff first put her on a tough exercise regime, The Sun reported.

Walkies is not fun: Cassie is pictured with her canine carer Emma Rex building up a sweat on the treadmill, left, and right, it needed two workers to lift her initially as she was unable to walk for longer than three minutes

But now she goes for walks three times a day and works out on the treadmill as she sheds her puppy fat.

Previously she would be given a fish and chip supper on a Friday and a full roast dinner on Sundays.

When she was first taken in, she had to have all of the fur on her body shaved off so staff could treat bed sores on her skin.

She will be given a new owner - but will have to go back to the re-homing centre every two weeks to make sure her weight is not allowed to balloon again.

Big girl: Cassie, right, weighed about 9 stone. A normal border collie should be no more than 3 stone, left

Carer Emma Rex told The Sun: 'She went on a hunger strike because she had never eaten dog food before, but eventually she relented and has made fantastic progress ever since.'

source: dailymail