Bravery award? I’ve got it licked! Met dog injured during riots recognised for his work


Winner: Obi shows PC Wells his appreciation yesterday

After being gravely injured at one of the worst flashpoints of the August riots Obi the police dog could be forgiven for enjoying a well-earned rest.

The three-year-old German Shepherd suffered a fractured skull when he was hit by a brick amid a shower of missiles in Tottenham, north London.

But just two months later the Metropolitan Police dog is once again raring to hit the streets after being cleared to return to duty.

Honoured: Obi was awarded a special animal bravery award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare

And Obi will have an added spring in his step after being handed a special award for bravery by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

It recognises his remarkable fortitude in the face of a 400-strong violent mob as lawlessness swept the nation.

Despite his injury Obi continued working in extraordinarily dangerous conditions, including facing rioters armed with petrol bombs, for several hours.

It was only when his unit returned to base that handler PC Phil Wells realised he was seriously injured and rushed him to Queen's Veterinary Hospital, in Cambridgeshire.

A scan revealed the left side of his skull had been badly crushed and vets initially said it may take up to six months for him to return to work.

Brave: Obi suffered a fracture to his skull from missiles thrown by rioters during the London riots last August

But PC Wells, 30, said Obi did not take well to being left at home and after a short stint of 'light duties' was cleared to return to the front line.

He said: 'Obi has been keen to get back to work. He didn't like being left at home when I set off on my own as he loves it.'

Robbie Marsland, of IFAW, said: 'We were relieved to hear he has made a good recovery and he is a truly rewarding winner of our special animal bravery award.'

Back on the beat: Following treatment Obi has been cleared to return to full duties as a police dog

source: dailymail