Two women Cotswolds villagers 'organised illegal dogfights and starved their bull terriers to make them bloodthirsty'


Caged: The dogs were kept in squalid conditions in between fights

Members of a dog-fighting ring today admitted starving bull terriers to make them more bloodthirsty.

Two women and two men are accused of chaining dogs to treadmills - often in complete darkness - and forcing them to run for hours to lose weight.

The dogs were kept in squalid conditions and were so starved of food that one ate its collar to satisfy the hunger pangs, while another ate its own faeces.

Defendants: Both Danny Draper, left, and his father Ian have pleaded guilty to multiple charges of animal cruelty

Once fighting fit, the dogs were forced into brutal bouts watched by baying punters which could last for up to 40 minutes and often resulted in permanent deformities or death.

Today the four defendants pleaded guilty to a string of animal cruelty and dog fighting charges at Swindon Magistrates Court.

Treadmill: The dogs were chained to exercise machines and forced to run for hours

Ian Draper, 47, and his son Danny Draper, 25, admitted keeping six dogs in terrible conditions and using them for fighting.

Katy Davies, 33, admitted aiding and abetting her partner Ian Draper and Danny's girlfriend Laura Hornsby, 24, admitted causing unnecessary suffering.

Danny Draper pleaded guilty to five charges including possession of items in connection with an animal fight, while his father pleaded guilty to seven charges.

Ian Draper was given a three-month custodial sentence in 2006 for similar offences, and was serving a ten-year ban on keeping animals at the time of the offences.

Davies and Hornsby have also pleaded guilty in relation to the incident.
The two-day sentencing hearing continues tomorrow.

source: dailymail