He's behind you: Fox chases beagle in animal role reversal


Fox and the hound: Role reversal as the fox chases the beagle

Tallo ho! This sly fox has made a monkey out of a bumbling beagle who was meant to be chasing him.

The dog is a trained hunter, yet he looked more lost than found as he walked just inches past his prey.

And despite keeping his nose to the ground the canine tracker was left totally oblivious to his target after being completely outwitted.

Catch me if you can! Fox leads dog on a merry old dance

To complete a role reversal, the fox then turned the tables on hundreds of years of tradition by confronting the dog.

Protecting a new litter of four little pups with the mother of his children on hand, the pair made it clear the doggy intruder wasn't welcome.

Happy families: Fox and cubs protecting their den

The bizarre moment was caught on camera by nature lover Mircea Costina in a forest north of Montreal, Canada.

Mircea, Master biogeography at the University of Montreal, said she was amazed the foxes were brave enough to confront the much larger beagle.

She said: 'This is the story of one fox family that I was watching from 2008 for three years.

source: dailymail