Day off from Justin? Selena Gomez takes a break from Bieber with a family trip to the Los Angeles Zoo


Look, no boyfriend! Selena Gomez seemed perfectly content to spare a Saturday apart from Justin Bieber as she enjoyed a relaxing trip to the Los Angeles Zoo with her family

The amorous young couple have barely been seen apart over the last few months.

But it seems Selena Gomez is occasionally able to tear herself away from her pop star beau Justin Bieber.

The 19-year-old actress and singer was spotted enjoying a relaxing day at Los Angeles Zoo with her family.

Reunited: Selena's parents Mandy Teefy and Ricardo Gomez are divorced, but the threesome enjoyed an amiable day out

Both of Selena's divorced parents, Mandy Teefy and Ricardo Gomez accompanied the teen.

Mandy and Ricardo split up when Selena was five years old, but the threesome still get together to enjoy the occasional outing.

Selena looked perfectly relaxed with both of them, laughing with her father and engaging in what looked like some in-depth girl chat with her mother.

Rest stop: The family admired the giraffes as they caught their breath and cooled off with drinks outside a zoo cafe

The family grabbed some refreshments at a Sweet Treats cafe and stopped to admire the giraffes as they enjoyed their drinks.

Selena also refueled with a bag of popcorn as she made her way around the zoo.

The Wizards Of Waverly place star looked casual in pale grey leggings and a grey stripy cardigan, but added an appropriate touch of fun by draping a purple monkey toy around her neck.

Chilled out: Selena munched on popcorn as she walked around the zoo, looking casual in grey leggings with an appropriate purple toy monkey draped around her neck

A tan leather handbag and black boots smartened up her ensemble, and teen kept her hair out of the way with a cute Alice band.

At one point Selena smiled for fans who spotted the incognito star by the chimpanzee pen, though her father looked rather less comfortable with the encounter.

Prior to her zoo excursion, Selena was reportedly also spotted with both of her parents breakfasting in a Los Angeles diner.

Bonding time: Selena had what looked like a fun girl chat with her mother, and also laughed and joked with her father

Nice view: Selena and her father watched a chimpanzee go about his equally laid-back Saturday

Ever the professional: Selena smiled for fans who spotted the incognito star, though her father looked rather less comfortable with the encounter

source: dailymail