The mountie always gets his man - even when he's on patrol in Middlesbrough: Pc on horseback chases down criminal through busy town streets

Getting their man: Reg the horse and his rider Pc Martin Lindsley chased through the busy streets of Middlesbrough to apprehend a suspect

After all, a mountie always gets his man - even if it means chasing him through the streets of a busy town centre.

That is what happened when Pc Martin Lindsley, 38, and his partner, Reg, an eight-year-old Shire Cross, were on routine patrol in Middlesbrough on Monday.

In a series of remarkable scenes dozens of shoppers watched as the policeman and his charge galloped down a main road after their suspect.

For the next mile or so the pair negotiated the traffic as the fugitive tried to shake them off.

Eventually, however, the exhausted 28-year-old could run no more and finally gave himself up to Pc Lindsley and his trusty sidekick.

The man then vomited before confessing: ‘I’m never going to run from a police horse ever again.’

Negociated: The pair had to weave their way through traffic on one of Middlesbrough's busiest routes in order to catch the suspect after a mile

The crime-fighter had received a radio alert just moments earlier about the fugitive who had failed to appear in court charged with a series of offences.

The 28-year-old had been spotted by other officers nearby who raised the alarm.

‘We saw him very, very quickly,’ said Pc Lindsley, who pulled up alongside the suspect and dismounted.

‘As soon as I spoke to him he said ‘I’m really sorry about this’ and ran off.

‘It was a massive shock because people so very rarely ever run from police horses.

‘But at the time Reg was facing the wrong way and he’s a big horse – there’s about a ton of him – so by the time I’d turned around our suspect was well down one of Middlesbrough’s main arterial routes.

‘We immediately went after him – us on the main road and this chap on the pavement. I could see that he was tiring.

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