Gymnastic Mr Fox! Cubs sneak into garden to have a bounce on children's trampoline


Boing! One of the fox cubs leaps into the air on a trampoline in a garden in Colorado, U.S., as his sibling watches on

They're more used to bounding about, chasing each others' tails and steering clear of humans.

But for these fox cubs, the chance to enjoy a bounce on a trampoline in a back garden was clearly too much to deter their natural caution.

The two were captured on video playfighting in the garden of a home in Colorado, before curiosity got the better of them and they decided to investigate the trampoline.

Outfoxed: But the cub hasn't quite got the hang of this bouncing lark as he sniffs suspiciously at the surface of the trampoline

Perhaps the wild cubs had spotted a child having a go on the trampoline and thought they would have had a try.

But the footage - posted on YouTube by user Samron - shows they hadn't quite got the hang of bouncing as they leapt around on the springy surface.

One of the cubs repeatedly jumps into the air, but forgets to 'bounce' as it lands down again and looks bemused at the top of the trampoline.

Larking about: The two cubs playfight after climbing on to the trampoline, before jumping around in delight

Cunning: One of the foxes leaps into the air, perhaps copying children the animal had seen jumping on the trampoline

source :dailymail