Eva Mendes enlists her large dog for protection after she is forced to get a restraining order against a stalker


Guard dog: Eva Mendes' dog, Hugo, stayed close to her side as the pair walked in West Hollywood yesterday

You can't blame Eva Mendes for sticking close to her large dog after a crazed fan turned up on her doorstep last month.

The Other Guys star has obtained a temporary restraining order against the New York man who, according to her filing, falsely believes that he has a relationship with the actress and thinks she is 'willing to die for him.'

After stalking her since 2008, the obsessed fan turned up at Mendes' home on May 31, prompting the 37-year-old actress to take legal action, and up her canine security.

Showing the strain: Mendes appeared tired as she after a stressful week of legal drama in which she filed a restraining order against a stalker

Mendes claims that John C. Luna, 39, of Melville, New York, has been harassing her for the past three years with both notes and audio recordings.

One such message is from 2009 in which he apparently talked about moving to California to find her, reported U.S. entertainment website E! Online.

Watchful eye: Hugo, a Belgian Malinois, is described by his movie star owner as, 'a really sweet attack dog.'

In the legal filing, Mendes states: 'As a result of Mr. Luna's conduct directed at me...including references in a letter that he knows I am willing to die for him, and his showing up at my house on May 31st, 2011, looking for me, I am in constant fear.'

Luna has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the actress, her home, her car and anywhere she might be working. The case will go to court on June 20.

source: dailymail