Could this moody moggy be Britain's grumpiest cat? Bad tempered Mr Pip scowls for his close-up


Do not disturb: Mr Pip glowers from the doorway to his little igloo

Could this moody moggy be Britain's grumpiest cat?

Scowling at the camera with more than hint of discontentment, this irritable puss is constantly in a grump.

According to his owner, Rose Oughton, Mr Pip does not like noise, bad weather and especially hates football.

The Persian Burmese breed's favourite past-time is 'staring at dogs' and sitting quietly in his favourite bush in the back garden.

But even when he's at his happiest, you wouldn't think it to look at the sour-faced feline.

Mrs Oughton, 65, from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, a part-time dinner lady and cleaner, has owned the eight-year-old for a year and a half.

She said: 'He always looks that grumpy and acts it as well.

'He doesn't like any noise in the house, he doesn't like football, what he does seem to like is just staring at dogs with that look he's got.

'Whenever it's windy or cold he will just come into the house and into his little igloo.

I don't like dogs! Mr Pip spends much of his time staring malevolently at hounds who dare to pass his field of view

'He doesn't like cold weather, he's been waiting for summer but he's still got that look on his face.

'But it means he can get out the house a bit more and sit in his favourite bush.

'My two daughters are always saying how fed-up he always looks, but he's an affectionate cat really.'

The widow, and mother of two, says she was concerned there might be something wrong with Mr Pip, due to his grumpy looks, and even took him to the vets.

But grumpiness is just part of his nature. 'The reason he looks so glum is because of the Burmese in him,' Mrs Oughton said.

'I was a little bit worried to start with because I didn't know if he was in pain or unhappy or something like that.

'But when we took him to the vet they said his face is perfectly normal and there's nothing to worry about.

'He is far from being a lap-cat, but we get on OK.'

source: dailymail