Chipmunk shows some real cheek at mealtime... by finishing off a corn on the cob in minutes


Cheeky: The chipmunk pounced on Barbara Lynne's corn on the cob in her Ontario garden

This greedy chipmunk looks ready to explode as it stuffs its mouth - with a corn on the cob.

The cheeky chap pounced on the crop within minutes of photographer Barbara Lynne hanging it in her back garden for the birds.

It gorged as many corn kernells as possible, returned to its den to empty its pouches and then dashed back for another mouthful.

Within half an hour the wild Eastern Chipmunk had stripped the whole cob bare.

Barbara said the chipmunk has visited her garden in Ontario, Canada, for four years.

She said: 'We fastened the cob of corn to a snag in our backyard for the birds - or so we thought. I sat down to dinner and out of the corner of my eye noticed some movement on the corn.

'When I looked closer I saw the chipmunk was busy stuffing its cheeks with the kernels of fresh corn. I grabbed my camera and off I went to capture it for eternity.'

Hands up: An Eastern Chipmunk seen in the wild

She added: 'We call her Eleanor, however we are not sure whether she is male or female. Eleanor is always a pig and stuffs her cheeks until she looks ready to explode.

'She runs back to her den to empty her pouches - and starts stuffing them all over again. She is always entertaining to watch whether she stuffing her cheeks with corn, peanuts or sunflower seeds.

'She is quite tame although we don't feed her from our hands as we don't want her to think that all people will be as friendly toward wild animals as we are.'

source: dailymail