Can you baa-lieve what I can do? The Chihuahua who has learned to be a sheepdog


Nancy the Chihuahua learned how to herd sheep after watching border collies

They are more often seen as accessories for the fashion-conscious city dweller.

But one Chihuahua has shown that she'd be equally at home in the country.

Nancy, who weighs just 1.1kg, has found her calling - as a sheepdog.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home has revealed Nancy's impressive talents with a video clip on the internet.

She makes quick work of showing five sheep who is boss, despite the animals being more than six times taller than her.

Nancy was adopted by Ali Taylor, head of canine welfare training at Battersea, who helps train rescue collies as sheepdogs.

Despite weighing little over 1kg, Nancy is easily able to control a flock of sheep

Miss Taylor said the dog was always interested in watching border collies herd sheep.

'One day I decided to give her a whirl in the ring and she picked it up straight away,' she said.

'I started in a very controlled environment but it quickly became evident that Nancy has natural ability and loves herding sheep.'

The Chihuahua was taken to the rescue centre at just three weeks old with severe sarcoptic mange and had to be hand-reared.

Miss Taylor added: 'People sometimes under-estimate rescue dogs, but they really are fantastic, and go on to do amazing things.'

The charity stresses that no one should try sheep herding without expert supervision.

source :dailymail