Bird's-eye view: Seagull 'steals' video camera and shoots footage of its soaring flight above French Riviera


Steven Seagull: This feathered film star stole a video camera and inadvertently shot a video of its flight over Cannes in the South of France

The term bird's-eye view has never been more appropriate.

A video has emerged of a seagull supposedly 'stealing' a video camera and carrying it off through the skies.

With the camera recording at the moment of lift off, the feathered directer accidentally records a video of its flight over Cannes in the south of France, home of arguably the world's most famous film festival.

Shot from above: The seagull recorded its flight to the top of Cannes Castle, capturing images of the roads and streets below

The video begins with an unseen cameraman creeping through the garden of a large house at night, and then placing the camera on the ground.

An inquisitive seagull walks up to the camera and seemingly lifts it up with its beak, before flying off.

The cameraman can be heard making his protests with a rather feeble 'Hey. HEY!' but is not glimpsed as the gull files up above the streets and houses, with cars visible on the roads below.

After a short flight - punctuated by some rather amusing honks and squawks from the seagull - our star comes in to land on top of a building.

The gull pokes around at the camera with it's beak, turning it over a few times, before it settles on a view of another building with a fellow seagull visible - perhaps the leading lady in seagull circles.

The pair have a brief squawking session before the camera fades to black.

I'm ready for my close up: The seagull casts a beady eye over its shiny electronic booty, while in the background is a tower on which he soon finds a friends

'Seagull stole my video camera in Cannes France. I found it on the castle wall, where I had to climb,' wrote opica1983, the YouTube user who posted the video online.
The question of quite how opica1983 knew where there camera had come to rest is unanswered.

One also has to wonder what the original cameraman was doing prowling around in the garden of a large house at night in the first place.

The video is entitled 'Seagull stole GoPro', which refers to the brand of camera.

GoPro make small cameras that are often used by sports people, sometimes mounted on helmets or even attached to surfboards to capture video from unusual angles.

The company has previously marketed its cameras with viral videos, including a snowboarding and surfing short that has so far been watched more than 3million times on YouTube.

In fact, GoPro has made something of a name for itself in that area and has previously been praised for its viral video advertising by the likes of Mashable, the internet and social media news website.

Perhaps after seeing the success it has enjoyed in viral videos the company has decided to spread its wings into viral video advertising.

Or perhaps there actually is a seagull out there with a desire to be in the movies...

source :dailymail