A fish with arms... and a 'T-Rex' leech found up a girl's nose: Scientists reveal amazing top 10 'new species' list


Strolling along: The hopping pancake batfish, discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, moves like a walking bat on its arm-like fins

Amazing jumping cockroach and glowing fungus also make top 10 list

10million species waiting to be classified, say experts

It looks like a pancake, crossed with a fish, and a bat... with arms. And it hops. So it's no surprise scientists have labelled one of their new discoveries the hopping pancake batfish.

The creature is one of ten 'new species' to have made it onto a list of weird and wonderful creatures published today.

Joining it is the 'T-rex leech' - a bloodthirsty 2inch invertebrate which was discovered when it was pulled from the mucous membrane of a girl in a remote region of Peru.

Fearsome leech: Tyrannobdella rex has a mouthful of gigantic teeth, much like its namesake, the 'king of dinosaurs' Tyrannosaurus rex. It was found up the nose of a nine-year-old girl in Peru

Strong little fella: This new species of orb-weaver spider - found in Madagascar - is able to weave webs large enough to span rivers and lakes while, right, among the new plant life identified was this gilled mushroom - found in a river in Oregon, U.S. - which fruits underwater

Flies beware: An example of the orb-weaver's massive webs

As well as the Tyrannobdella rex leech - which has a mouthful of gigantic teeth, much like its namesake, the Tyrannosaurus rex - there is also a 6ft-long fruit-eating lizard and a glowing tree fungus on the list.

There is also a jumping cockroach, a cricket which is the only pollinator of a rare orchid, a spider that weaves webs large enough to span rivers and lakes, and a gilled mushroom that fruits underwater.

Experts made the selection from thousands of plants, animals and microbes described for the first time last year to draw attention to the importance of conserving life on Earth.

'Beautiful': This luminescent fungus - found in Sao Paulo, Brazil - attracts small insects that help to disperse its spores

I'm new in town: This 6ft-long fruit-eating monitor lizard from the Philippines is on a list of 10 new species drawn up by scientists

Scientists say that 'a reasonable estimate' is that there are still around 10million species waiting to be described, named, and classified before the diversity and complexity of the biosphere is understood.

A somewhat more attractive example of a new species is the striking fruit-eating monitor lizard, Varanus bitatawa, from Luzon Island in The Philippines.

Another large species on the top 10 list is Walter's duiker, Philantomba walteri, an antelope first encountered at a bushmeat market in West Africa

Dr Mary James, from Wichita State University in the U.S., who chaired the international committee which drew up the list, said: 'Each of these amazing species discoveries tells a story about our planet.

'They are pieces of the puzzle that help us to understand how all of the components of life on earth work together.

'That beautiful, luminescent mushroom: its all-day glow attracts small insects that help to disperse the mushroom's spores.

Spreading the word: This cricket - found in the Mascarene Archipelago in the Indian Ocean - is the only known pollinator of a rare orchid

'The rust-eating bacterium: it recycles even the most titanic of human creations so that the constituents can be used by other creatures.

'I think that the top 10 species helps to bring attention to the pieces of the puzzle that are still waiting to be discovered, whether it's in your own backyard, a health clinic in Peru, in the deep ocean, or a market in West Africa.

'Biodiversity science is all about exploration and discovery - cool stuff.'

Up and away: This cockroach- found in the Mountain National Park in South Africa - has modified legs that puts it on par with grasshoppers; right, a rust-eating bacterium, discovered on the wreckage of the Titanic, recycles sunken human creations so that the constituents can be re-used by others

source: dailymail