Doggone it, they grow up quickly! Video of puppy growing to adult in 40 seconds becomes cute YouTube hit


Happy birthday: Dunder the German Shepherd reaches one, having been photographed from eight-weeks old

This short video shows a dog growing from eight-weeks old to one-year old in only 40 seconds.

The YouTube clip shows pictures on the same spot of Dunder the German Shepherd over a period of ten months and has become an Internet sensation.

The time lapse video was uploaded on May 19 and has already attracted nearly 700,000 hits.

Tiny: As a puppy Dunder is so small (and the floor is clean) - this is the beginning of the series of pictures

In the video Dunder is shown as a tiny puppy obediently looking at a camera on what looks like a family kitchen floor.

As the video filters though more pictures as he grows up the floor become more and more dirty.

But Dunder is growing quickly and the days of him as a cute puppy are soon gone.

Occasionally children's feet and even another dog can be seen in the images, which become increasingly more humorous as time goes on.

A bit bigger: The German Shepherd is shown with his tongue out, but still looks a little unsteady on his feet

Bigger dog: Looking firmly at the camera Dunder gets taller and stronger all the time

Big dog: As Dunder approaches his first birthday he begins to look more like an adult dog

The dog can be seen wearing various items of clothing, too, and when his birthday comes around the photographer holds up the number one and Dunder poses with a birthday hat on his head.

One YouTube poster called Dupalle said: 'I just can't decide wether (sic) this is more awesome, cute or funny!!

'Definitely made my day though! Thanks for sharing!'

Woof customer: The dog is dressed up in all manner of costumes - but it's only when you slow the film down that you can see the outfits

Props: Dunder is handed what looks like a potato peeler - and he is surrounded by potato skin

source: dailymail