Britain's most extravagant dog owner spends £800 on bespoke tiaras for her posh pooch


Louise Harris and her pet dog Lola pose for a photograph wearing their matching tiaras.

SHE has always treated her dogs like royalty, and now pet-mad Louise Harris has had two £400 tiaras custom-made so her Yorkie Lola can look just like Kate Middleton on her wedding day.

Miss Harris, 32, spent £20,000 on a dog wedding for Lola earlier this year, where the pooch married a Chinese crested called Mugly.

Pampered Pooch: Louise Harris and Lola wearing their posh headpieces designed to be replicas of the one Kate Middleton wore when she wed Prince William.

But while that bash was lavish, Louise, from Chelmsford, Essex, got even more ambitious after watching the Royal wedding last month.

Now Louise - who has spent more than £100,000 on goodies for Lola and her other two Yorkshire Terriers Lulu, four, and Larry, two - has had a pair of posh headpieces constructed so Lola can look like a dog version of the Royal bride.

Louise Harris, left carrying Lola and Bev Nicholson, holding Mugly during the UK's most expensive dog wedding in Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

Both are meant to be mini replicas of the tiara Kate now the Duchess Of Cambridge wore when she wed Prince William on April 29.

While Kate's version was a priceless Cartier halo tiara loaned to her by the Queen, Lola's were pieced together by bespoke jewellers Latimer Couture using Swarovski crystal and genuine silver.

Wearing her own £500 bespoke tiara and matching necklace, Louise said: 'I've always seen Lola as my little princess, so it was only fitting she had a tiara just like Kate's.

'Now I can call her the Duchess of Yorkshire Terrier. Lola had a few less expensive tiaras before, but seeing Kate's tiara during the Royal wedding inspired us to have a special one made.

'In the end I got two done, because I couldn't decide which looked better. When I see Lola wearing them I think she looks gorgeous. She looks like the puppy version of the Royal bride.

'I only wish she'd had the tiara made in time for her own wedding.'

Bev Nicholson, left and Louise Harris on their dogs' £20,000 lavish wedding day

Lousie Harris and Lola wearing their matching tiaras, while inset, Lola perches on a throne

Louise has spent more than £100,000 on her three dogs over the last six years, including £26,000 on clothes, collars and harnesses and £16,000 on a nanny when she is at work.

She said: "Some people may think I'm crazy, but I don't care. I treat them like my children.

'Lola looks amazing and she's brought so much joy to my life. They all do. They deserve to have every luxury.'

source: dailymail