Trunk and disorderly: Playful baby elephants indulge in wrestling match as mother looks on proudly

Round 1: Gateng sits on Jageg, but the female elephant refuses to submit

There she was minding her own business, taking a little nap in the sun. Then along came trouble . . . and sat on her.

Looking suitably aggrieved, one-year-old Jegeg struggled to free herself while her male playmate - as boys do - obviously thought it might be fun to keep provoking her.

Before matters could end in tears, a watchful adult intervened and a chastened Gateng had to let Jegeg escape.

Round 2: It looks as though Jageg might make it to her feet as Gateng struggles to contain her

Jegeg had been trying to catch up with some sleep in the sun while keepers cleaned their home but Gateng had other ideas.

Sensing his golden opportunity to cause some mischief, the cheeky elephant walked over and sat on her, refusing to budge as she struggled in vain to get up.

After a few moments Gateng, who might almost be smiling, relented on his friend and decided to get up before Jageg made her escape.

Jageg is no stranger to the camera lens and was caught on film last year cheekily running her trunk up Tony Blair's shorts as he holidayed with family.

Round 3: Gateng's patented body slam leaves his female opponent floundering in the dust

The images of Gateng tussling with Jageg were snapped by amateur photographer Anne Young

Anne, 49, a regional executive for a Singapore bank , said: 'While their mothers were eating and the keepers were cleaning their living area these two were playing in the sun.'

'Jegeg started laying asleep in the sun and Gateng came over and sat on her - this tussle was the struggle as she tried to get up and he refused to budge.'

'They are very playful and strong and cheekily push against you or even slap with their little trunks.'

'This is a wonderful park and heart-warming as these elephants are born to rescued logging elephants.'

source :dailymail