Caught on video: Dramatic moment lions attack their trainer in a Las Vegas hotel

By Daily Mail Reporter

The lion moves in on one of the trainers as his colleague tries to distract the animal

Most couples want their honeymoon to be a roaring success, and for Titus and Drew Ellis it was ... literally.

The newlyweds, from Montana, were celebrating in Las Vegas on September 1 and for a bit of added excitement decided to check out the lion enclosure at the MGM Grand Hotel.

*** See the Video below ***

Taking the pain: The trainer is obviously in trouble as the lion continues the attack despite the efforts of his associate

Titus was videotaping the male and female lions and their two trainers when all of a sudden the male took exception at something that was going on and made a lunge.

A struggle ensued and a female also decided to join the fray but the trainer managed to break free with the help of his colleague and made a hasty escape from the enclosure with the male still appearing extremely agitated.

Doukle trouble: The female now joins the action as the male continues to lunge towards trainer as he makes his escape, leaving his colleague to sort things out

Panic over: The badly shaken trainer makes his exit from the enclosure while the lions are brought under control by the second handler

The video is now creating a worldwide buzz after featuring on the Wednesday morning edition of Good Morning America.

There is no evidence of any blood being spilled, but the trainer is evidently in great pain during the attack. Soundproof glass muffled any noise, however.

Jack Hanna appeared on GMA and he said the attack would be considered mild. The trainer was lucky it was the male getting over-excited as females launch much more devastating attacks.

source :dailymail