Thug's sickening 20-minute attack on puppy captured on CCTV... but he is jailed for just 20 weeks

By Daily Mail Reporter

Caught: This image taken from CCTV footage shows Major kicking his dog in front of friends

A violent teenage thug caught on CCTV brutally kicking and punching his pet puppy has been jailed for four months and banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

Simeon Major, 19, is seen in shocking footage repeatedly kicking the animal in the face and body in front of laughing friends during a sickening 20-minute assault.

He then slams the seven-month-old brown and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier on top of a 4ft high wall before punching it in the face so hard it falls off the other side.

The cowering animal can be seen trembling at his owners feet during the attacks, and tries to run away but is repeatedly chased back to the scene by Major.

He goaded the pet throughout to try and bite a friend during the sickening incident in Luton on March 29, but it refused.

The unemployed father-of-one, dressed in a tracksuit and beenie hat, posed confidently outside Luton Magistrates' Court before the 30 minute sentencing hearing.

But he sobbed in the dock as a four-minute edited version of his savage attack was played to the court on Wednesday.

Major, of Luton, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by unreasonably beating and kicking the dog at an earlier hearing.

District Judge Carolyn Mellanby handed Major an eight week jail term for attacking the dog and a further eight weeks for breach of a suspended sentence.

Passing sentence, Ms Mellanby said: 'This is the most appalling public display of violence it was quite horrific.

'You punched, struck and kicked a defenceless animal over a sustained period of time in front of other people.

'All be it showing off, it was shameful behaviour.'

Prosecutor Mark Jones said staff at Luton Borough Council saw the attack when they reviewed the CCTV footage three days later.

A vet examined the footage and ruled the animal had received unnecessary suffering although it has never been traced.

Mr Jones said: 'The defendant was interviewed and in fairness made full admissions. He told the RSPCA Inspector the dog was at that stage seven months old and he had the animal since it was a puppy.

'He admitted kicking the dog repeatedly over the 20 minute period. He was asked why and he said 'I just don't know what was going on'.

'He said 'I don't know what was going on in my brain. It was a mistake''.

Major was also banned from keeping, transporting, dealing or owning animals for 10 years and must wait five years until he can apply for the order to be lifted.

Any animal in his possession will also be seized by the Rspca, the court ordered.

Thug: Simeon Major sobbed in court when showed CCTV footage of him beating his Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Kajel Doshi, mitigating, told the court Major, who was abandoned by his father as a child, had been in foster care for most of his young life and moved to Luton to escape gangs in London.

His life went off the rails when his girlfriend unexpectedly gave birth to his son earlier this year and he was a keen musician who had been touted as 'the next Bob Marley'.

She said: 'Mr Major simply cannot explain his actions. he is unable to watch the footage and cried during the interview and couldn't control himself.

'He simply doesn't know who that person in the footage is.

'The prospect of becoming a father turned him into self-destruct mode. He's gone crazy.

'The attack was awful, it's horrible and disgusting and Mr Major accepts that.'

Following sentencing RSPCA Inspector Pete Warne said: 'There is no excuse for this sort of attack and I hope Mr Major understands that now he is behind bars.

'We are satisfied with the result as someone like this should not be allowed to keep animals.

'It is not right that someone should be able to treat an animal like that and I hope the sentence serves as a message to others.'

The pet Staffordshire Bull Terrier has not been confiscated from Major and the RSPCA are investigating its whereabouts.

Major received a eight week suspended sentence on June 1 for possession of cannabis, possession of a bladed article and two counts of failing to surrender to custody.

source: dailymail